The taste is Pure Herefordshire. 

What makes things taste so much better at Warren Farm? 
The answer is easy; it’s the soil. 

Whether its rapeseed oil or damson vinegar the soil in which the crop has grown creates a unique and exceptional flavour. 

We make our own mayonnaise, honey and mustard dressing, apple juice, damson and plum jam.

Six bee hives are situated within the flower patch and the honey is sold from our farm.

Visit our produce pod to purchase direct from Warren Farm. 

Locally our products are available at:

  • Legges of Bromyard
  • Gladwins Butchers, Bromyard
  • Hop Pocket, Bishops Frome
  • Oakchurch Farm Shop
  • Jenkins, Ledbury


Dip in bread  Mix with oil for extra flavour  Marinade meat, especially game Toss into cooked cabbage  Add to gravy Serve in prosecco or fizzy water  Drizzle on salads Add to fruit salads

The damson blossom is early in April. 
The early spring bees and insects pollinate the delicate pink blooms. 
Once the fruit is set the Hebredian sheep graze below and help the trees to grow. 
In late August, sometimes September the dark purple fruit is ripe.  Quite tart or sharp to taste but delicious for crumbles or jam. 

The damsons are hand picked from the many trees on the farm then process of infusing the vinegar with damsons starts. 
With careful and subtle cooking this fine vinegar is created.  It is utterly amazing and quite remarkable in flavour. 

Rapeseed Oil

A dipping oil Great for dressings  Wonderful on roast vegetables

The crop is planted at the end of August or early September and then quietly grows during the winter months. 
As spring approaches the oil seed rape grows taller and as we get into the month of May the brilliant yellow flowers open.

This distinctive flower provides a huge food source for early insects and cover for ground nesting birds. 

As the summer comes the flowers are pollinated and develop into small pea like pods; these contain the amazing seeds that make the rape seed oil.
The tiny poppy like seeds have a light nutty flavour. 

When the pods are ripe on the plant they are harvested by a combine and then sent to be cold pressed.  The oil is collected and the pulp goes back into animal feed. 

The finished product is golden in colour and retains a distinctive nutty flavour.
We have also created some flavoured oils; garlic, chilli and lemon.

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Website design:

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