The Farm

The environmental management is at the heart of Warren Farm throughout all aspects of the farming enterprise. 

During the past eighteen years we have restored two ponds, planted 200 fruit trees, converted 25 acres of arable to traditional wildflower meadows, established 11 kilometres of margins creating wildlife corridors, 5 kilometres of hedgerow restoration and creation. 
All of which has had a positive impact on the bugs, birds and mammals that live on our land. The work continues with more wildflower meadow restoration; restoring soil quality and functionality,  increasing biodiversity and connecting habitats.


Since 2001 Warren Farm has been involved in conservation schemes.  The birdlife has topped 63 species for several years due to the extensive bird and butterfly mixtures planted. 

The bee population in summer is a haze of bees feeding on the phacelia and borage margins that follow the many footpaths on the estate.  By growing so many cut flowers during the season the insect population is supported during the year.

The damson trees both old and new provide an early feed for many insects and what fruit is not picked in the autumn provides food for mammals, birds and insects. 

The 5 kilometres of hedges created and regenerated provide a wildlife corridor for badgers, hares, deer, mice and insects.  The berries from holly, viburnum, hawthorn and honeysuckle also gives an autumn and winter food store.

There are many mature and also young oaks on the farm which supplies a vast habitat for birdlife, insects and mammals. 

The farmland contains within it a further 700 acres of woodland plus Bromyard Downs which is 260 acres adjoining Warren Farm. 

Water management

Our land is covered by natural springs that filter through deep limestone aquafers on Bromyard Downs.  By protecting these water courses we are able to maintain the purity of water until it flows beyond our farmland.  Two ponds have been restored and are now full of wildlife.  There are hidden parts to the farm to allow wildlife to live without human activity.

Land management

Our grass reared beef form part of our hay meadow management and crop rotation.  The Hebridean sheep manage the pockets of land where the cattle are unable to graze.  Through this comprehensive management of grazing and hay making the soil structure has been restored and become a carbon store into the future.

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Website design:

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